Wrapping it up

Ask your opponent to define the terms he has used like Mystery, Faith and Belief.

Definition:  That which is either beyond understanding or requires non-understanding to be meaningful.

Have your opponent define “Beyond understanding or non-understanding”


That which is unknown.


Ignorance will not be accepted as a substitute for knowledge. 

Your opponent will remember that they had acknowledged as unacceptable the statement:

We can not tell if there are rabbits on Pluto, therefore there are several hundred. All of them can fly.

Yet your opponent just supported the postulate that even though there was no way of knowing that God existed, that he did.  Now ask your opponent if they think their God can fly on Pluto like those rabbits?  Their response?  “Of course he could.” “God can do anything!”

Your opponent has lost the argument…Again!

Indeed, given that creation is not possible, the existence of a creating God is oxymoronic at best, and beliefs, faiths, and mysteries of all kinds, are, by definition, implicit bi-products of ignorance.

Your opponent may, at this point, blurt out: Don’t tell me you don’t believe in anything!   You have to believe in something; some superior force, all of this had to come from somewhere.  You’d at least admit that!”


Sure.  Of course there are superior forces out there.  And yes, just like the latest tune you heard on the radio, or Mt. Everest, everything had to come from somewhere.  That, indeed, is just our point: If something exists it definitely has come from somewhere. If it didn’t, it could not be that which it is now.  Just keep in mind that that the concept of somewhere inexorably implies “something”; something which already exists.

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