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First question:

What is God’s most relevant attribute? In a word, what makes God, God?

“His ability to Create”

Ask your opponent to define creation.

Dictionary definition:  
1) The action or process of bringing something into existence.
2) The emergence of existence itself.
3) The emergence of something where once there was nothing.


The concept of creation is self-contradictory.

The concept of creation is impossible. Creation, after all, requires that existence “emerge” yet in order for existence to ‘emerge’, clearly existence cannot already be in evidence. All there can be is nothing and from nothing only nothing is possible. In reality, creation is a perfect self-contradiction and, therefore, impossible. But obviously, if creation is impossible, a creating god has to be impossible too.

Check your watch;

You have just demonstrated the impossibility of God’s existence.  Your opponent, however, may not yet understand why.  There is still time to explain.

God Is ImpossibleBy definition, creation requires that nothing initially exist, yet to affirm that from nothingness anything whatsoever could materialize, would be self-contradictory.  After all, if someone really wanted to create something, just remember what there would be to work with… nothing!  And nothing is nothing, no matter what kind of veteran illusionist might want to fashion from its confines.  Trickier still is the requirement that for real creation to take place, not even the creator could be there; a most unfavorable condition to be for someone who wants to get any real work done.

Indeed the notion of creation is humanity’s most embarrassing oxymoron. Why embarrassing? Because without having one single thread of evidence of support, human beings have believed in creation almost since the beginning of modern civilisation. The truth is, creation has never, nor ever will be proven, no matter what lengthy arguments or quantum-level experiments are brought to bear.

If your opponent remains skeptical that the impossibility of the existence of a creating GOD has been proven, he or she should remember that they themselves had recognised the statements:

This box is void of any content.  By adding absolutely nothing, it will have something in it.    And...

Joe was never here, therefore he was.

Yet the above are precise paraphrases of the self-contradictions:

1) “Nothing can become something by adding nothing to it" or, 2) Before creation took place, “God didn’t exist, therefore, he did”.


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