Here are your ground rules


1) If the very definition of God is proven to be self-contradictory, God’s existence will be considered impossible.  

Examples of self-contradiction:

This box is void of any content. By adding absolutely nothing,
it will have something in it.  Or...

Joe was never here, therefore he was.

Any object or event which is declared to ‘be’ but ‘not be’ or said to be true but false.

Your opponent must agree that self-contradictions, like those above, are not acceptable.  If they are unable to do this, they should probably be watching Real TV instead of attempting a discussion with you about the existence of God.  If they are, however, you can go on to ground rule # 2.


2) Ignorance will not be accepted as a substitute for knowledge.

Example of ignorance being a substitute for knowledge:

There is no way we can tell if there are rabbits on Pluto, therefore there are several hundred. All of them can fly.

If your opponent agrees that the deductive logic used in the above statement is unacceptable, you are ready to start the argument.  If they can not, it’s back to watching TV.

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