General Presentation

If your opponent still really thinks there's a God, they may, at this juncture, enter into a non-rational or emotional phase of the discussion, and wish to present what they feel is some compelling “counter case” to your already established proof.  Allow them to do so.

They may say:

“This whole business about nothing and something is just a crock of metaphysical bull shit.  People create stuff all the time.  Look at what inventors or artists do. Don’t tell me they’re not creators!”


You’re correct.  We do say that people “create” things, but, indeed, no one creates anything.   You’re confusing “creation” with “transformation.” Transformation takes place when already existing elements are combined to generate new structures. Transformations produced by humans are not proof of something coming into existence; but, rather, proof that man has a unique ability to transform elements, which already exist, into entirely new forms.

Your opponent may observe:

OK, maybe so, but everything had to start at some point, right?


It did?  Are you absolutely sure? Is that probable? 

God Is ImpossibleEven for the supporters of the “Big Bang” theory: 

How sure are we that this big bang was the first? From where did that initial source of energy materialize anyway, from nowhere? Is it even remotely possible that absolutely nothing could have exploded into all of this? How does something blow-up that isn’t there?

Man is accustomed to witnessing the birth of a child or the destruction of an inanimate object and surmising he has witnessed the emergence or annihilation of existence itself.  He has not.  He has only witnessed a fleeting moment of transformation. That which we interpret as the beginning or the end of physical form is, indeed, but the almost magical-like illusion created by snap-shot observations of an eternally evolving universe.

They may continue:

“OK, bla bla bla.  All that’s just random crap!.  I know how you people work.   This is probably the part where you ask me to show you my God.


It is?

Sure, cause you know I can’t do that.  God isn’t material; he’s pure spirit; something you have to believe in. It’s a question of faith.  God and his ways are mysteries.  That’s why he’s God.  That’s why he’s so powerful!

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